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“One step on the path” means you are one step closer to your destination. Starting out on the journey is always intimidating until you take that first step. Once you start walking, it’s easier to stay in motion.

“One step on the path” means you are moving in a direction, with a purpose, even if you don’t know yet what that purpose is, where the path leads. Rarely in life does life work out as you expected it to. When I was growing up, I wanted to be an actor. I liked to learn the lines, to inhabit new characters, to tell stories. I liked working with other people, performing for an audience, making people laugh or cry. I liked the stories we told each other during rehearsals, and the stories audiences saw during performance. The final production never looked like the initial rehearsal. We knew that the first cold reading wasn’t going to hold up in the limelight. We knew there was a process, a journey, we were going to take into the story.

“One step on the path” means you need to pay attention to where your feet are moving. Don’t live with your head in the clouds. But don’t keep your eyes glued on your feet, though, or you may run into a tree or a sign. Keep your head up, soften and widen your gaze, and pay attention to what is around you. It is said that we process only 5% of the world around us. Imagine what the other 95% is!

“One step on the path” means you can turn around and see where you have come from, what you have learned, and where you want to go next. I learned a lot from failing in business, from not finishing what I started. Reflection is an important part of discovering your life’s task. But beware that reflection doesn’t become living in the past.

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