I’m a web designer, a movement teacher, and a lifelong student. I believe that we are all capable of acquiring knowledge and learning new skills, thus becoming competent and confident masters of our trades. I also believe that simplicity of design, elegance in execution, and unicity of expression are what separate one business from the rest. That’s why I fell in love with web development.

I have lived many different lives – Shakespearean actor, personal trainer, movement teacher, physical therapy student, business owner, entrepreneur, consultant, barista, manager and more. I’ve learned a lot of different trades – theatre, wellness, education, management, customer service. I bring all of this to my current pursuits. I read widely and deeply for the projects I pursue, and I try to find the most reliable, most consistent guidance I can. In short, I honor tradition (that which is handed down) while I celebrate innovation and discovery (that which develops from traditions moving through time and space).

While I celebrate these experiences, I have made the pivot to become a web developer. Why? Because I want to design clean, simple, elegant solutions to a business owner’s problems. I want to help you transform your vision into a crystal clear presentation on the web so that you stand out from the rest of your competitors. Or you simply shine in your own unicity.

I have experience with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery, and I am still learning about Node.js and React. Take a look at my work on GitHub.